Zedra Art Gallery Software

A frequent problem that many Art Galleries and Photographers encounter whilst maintaining their website, is uploading their latest pictures, images or paintings onto their website, with little time and effort. It needs to be done routinely, quickly and efficiently with minimal time, effort or manual involvement. At Zedra Solutions Ltd, we have developed an automated system which allows businesses to update their website with a minimal outlay of time or cost.
How it works
All of the changeable website content is held in an Access or SQL database, which is maintained by the gallery owner. All images are stored in a nominated directory on the gallery owners computer. As and when required by the business, an automated process is run, which integrates with Photoshop and resizes and compresses the images in the nominated folder. This updated information is then sent to a data store within the website. The website is then automatically updated in a seamless process.
Process diagram
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